Friday, 29 December 2017


I have been in London for a year as of right.... now.

It has been a whirlwind beat-down of reality which has flashed past like a naked man in a full length jacket.

I've been to new places, London, New York, Montreal as well as Dover... yes, Dover (never going back). I went to Toronto, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Tallinn, Belfast, Glasgow and.. gawd damn you Dover, you were horrible.

I called the police twice. No-one died.

I rode my first rollercoaster, then five more.. I remain unconvinced.

I performed in the Edinburgh Fringe. I performed in London. I performed in Helsinki.

I had a job, lost that job, got another job, went to New York for a job and through it all did not starve.

I did have financial hard times, but I dug myself out, I survived.

I played village cricket in England.

I saw Weezer live.

I tried out hospital A&E.

I met Stewart Lee.

I started running and still hate running.

I played in the Scandinavian snow on a frozen lake.

I rode the tube in my underwear.

I lost my business and was in all the papers.

I did 101 things with a 101 people and made friends with them all. Except the ones I didn't.

It's been an amazing year which I just feathered over with the lightest of brush strokes. It has been an exceptional time in my life and while I do miss much about home, I think I'm just starting to find my feet and this adventure is just beginning.

Sorry Mum, maybe I'll pop home next Christmas.

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